2018 Holy Land Pilgrimage Reviews

The spot where Jesus was born.Dorothy and David,

A thousand thanks for a lovely and spiritually enriching pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  This one was undoubtedly the best for me out of all the other ones I’ve taken over the years.  I was especially touched by the dungeon that Jesus was thrown in overnight after his capture. I had never seen it before with previous itineraries.  And, certainly, the opportunity to celebrate the Mass inside the tomb of Jesus was the highlight.  I rely on the many graces we have received as the days march forward.

Thanks for your many kindnesses to this bishop,

Thank you Dorothy and Dave,In honor of St. James, the Greater- apostle, martyred for the Faith. His Excellency Joseph N. Perry and Deacon Dan Ragonese.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience on the Ave Maria Pilgrimage.  I felt that from start to finish the pilgrimage was well-organized, spiritual and even transcendent at times.  Plus it was just a lot of fun. Whoever put the itinerary together could not have done a better job.  My mother and I really appreciated the hard work that you, Bishop Perry and Deacon Dan put into planning the masses, readings and homilies that gave us a better understanding of the holy sites we visited. As Hussam, requested, I’ve been telling all my friends that hey have to visit the Holy Land.  As a Christian there is no better place on earth to be fully present with God.

Thank you again for all your help dealing with our travel woes.  Without you, we never would have had this unforgettable week!

Bishop Perry at Caesarea Maritima explaining the arrest of St. Paul and this departure from that port to Rome to appeal to Caesar and to stand trial.Hello Everyone!

Yes!  I miss you all as well!  What a wonderful pilgrimage we had!  Ditto with thankfulness to Dorothy & David for organizing, Bishop & Deacon for bringing Jesus, body, blood, soul & divinity, and Husam for his loving guidance throughout.  Yes to another pilgrimage. 🙂

Photos are terrific to share with family & friends! You are in my prayers and grateful for your friendship!

The Church at the Mount of the Beatitudes.Hello everyone, I missed everyone already!  I hope everyone is home enjoying the pictures of the trip.  I would like to thank Dorothy and David for this wonderful trip!  I also like to thank Bishop and Deacon for coming with us and helping us receiving Jesus!  Also, I am so thankful for our wonderful guide, Husam, with his passion, his love and his knowledge of our faith!  I want you to know that you are all in my prayer!!!! Hopefully, we can reunite again for another pilgrimage!  🙂

God bless!

Group Photo taken at Mt. Tabor.Hello to all,
It was a pleasure to be on such an amazing pilgrimage with all of you.

Best wishes to all of you!

Take care,
Vicki Dreger


Hello everyone!

Looking over the city of Haifa at night.The pilgrimage was a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure forever.  My heartfelt thanks to David & Dorothy for taking good care of us and being very patient with everybody.  You are really great. Thank you so much to Bishop Perry and to Deacon Dan for their spiritual guidance and to Hussan for being such a good teacher and leader, an inspiration to all of us.  I love all of you my new friends and I really miss you.  Hope to see some of you on the 13th of August at the shrine.

Take care and God bless,

Blessing of scapulars in the Cave of Elijah .First I thank God for His love and mercy especially for the opportunity and blessing to visit the land of His birth. I couldn’t have ask more. It was an amazing trip an awesome experience to come in terms with all that we read in the bible especially the New Testament. A real life experience, I see myself reading the New Testament Bible in eight days. Each site gives one a deep feeling to appreciate more the work of God in our Salvation history. The magnitude of His love for mankind that made Him go through all that in the hands of His own creature. Is it the Nativity, Sea of Galilee, Jordan, Holy Sepulchre and many others, it a place to visit  for every Christians especially Catholics. It is also a wonderful group, ever looking out for each other and so caring. My room mate Dee is one of the most beautiful and wonderful woman I have ever meet in life, may God bless and keep her.The memory of it will remain with me for life, May God bless us all. Thank you David and Dorothy and  all of you for your cooperation.

Sr. Stella Ogonnia Kanu, OSP